ASA and our Working From Home journey

ASA and our Working From Home journey


The ASA team, like many businesses, have been hard at work (from home) ensuring all their clients and candidates needs have been met during covid-19.

We have navigated remote recruitingOnline Interviews  and staying connected as a business – and are a stronger team for it!

We thought it was a great idea to catch up with everyone and get some insight into their WFH (working from home) journey’s and get any tips they have for making it a great experience for anyone having to do this for the first time!



“I was a little nervous in the beginning – ASA have never worked from home before – getting our home office’s set up to help with the transition was a key part of that process. Thankfully, we have a great team here who were vital in helping us all figure out what our WFH would look like. Communication is crucial and since we already have a great team dynamic it has helped us all pull through any rocky patches and has made WFH so successful.
I’ve been enjoying all the extra time I get to spend with my fur-baby Narla and I think we will both struggle with missing each other when we are back in the office.

The best advice I could give any team WFH for the first time is to make sure you prioritise communication with your colleagues. Whether its over the phone, messaging, zoom/team chats – it all helps keep everyone on the same page AND aids in staying socially connected to boost everyone’s mental health.”

Samantha Agius – Operations Team Leader


“I’ve been juggling WFH with home schooling my daughter. I’m not the most tech savvy person but have found the set up and transition very smooth! I was surprised at how advanced our technology is and all the programs and tools we have available and I have learnt so much! I feel as though it has definitely made me more productive as there are less distractions – even with a little one doing her own ‘work – and have loved being able to be in pj’s some days and of course the kitchen snacks!

The first few weeks I was working at the dining table, so my back was a little sore, but once my desk and chair arrived it made things so much comfier! I started lacking in vitamin D due to being inside a lot more so that was something I had to be mindful of – getting some sunshine. Making sure your workspace is in an area with lots of natural light definitely helps – and saves on electricity too!

Trina Antonio – Senior Recruitment Consultant


“I’m the newer member of the ASA team so to be honest I was a little nervous as I still have a bit to learn and questions to ask as I go. But I am grateful for having a super supportive team behind me who has made the whole process so much easier! Weekly branch meeting video calls are always a blast & give us a chance to catch up, have a laugh and check in with each other. I’ve been spending a lot more time with my dogs and learning some new recipes. Not having to commute to the office has been great during the colder months as I’ve gotten more time in my warm bed in the mornings!

The best advice I could give would be to make sure you’re taking breaks just like you would in the office. Get up, stretch, move around, and make yourself a tea or grab some water. Break up your day so you’re not feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of your workday.”

Kayla Nguyen – Junior Recruitment Consultant


“Working from home for the first time has been a positive experience for me overall – with a few challenges along the way! Initially I didn’t have a dedicated workspace which made things a little tricky (and at times uncomfortable) But once I had all of that sorted I now have a great little workspace that I love. A lot of businesses are doing it tough at the moment so focusing on developing strong relationships with current and prospective clients and implementing new strategies has been beneficial for everyone. Having the extra time to dedicate to personal development by attending webinars etc has been a great confidence booster for me! I haven’t been stuck in traffic for a few months so I have been loving that too.

I have set my fit bit to remind me to get up and move around – it’s so easy to get caught up in work and forget to take breaks. Also reminding myself not to sweat the small stuff! If something isn’t working – try a new approach, do some research or reach out and ask for help. Having the technology to stay in touch constantly has made it feel like we’re in the office!

Dominique Camilleri – National Sales Manager


“It’s been a great experience! Thanks to all the technology we have access to and the cloud services we use, there’s been no issues with access for any of our team. It has taught me to be more organised and I have found a few ways to do my job more efficiently as a result.  Working from home has saved a lot of time usually spent commuting to and from work, and I can spend that with my wife and 2 young sons.

Make sure you have your accessibility needs sorted out before you get started. Having a fast/reliable internet connection is key. If you’re juggling working from home with a young family – have a workspace that’s separated to stay focused and minimise distractions”


Burhan Hassan – Financial Controller


“The whole experience has definitely been a learning curve for myself and the whole team but as we are constantly in communication with each other it really feels like we are still in the office sometimes! I have been enjoying the extra time with my fur-baby Bella (however she is a cat so I’m not sure the feeling is always mutual). I have loved exploring all the different technology and services we have access to and implemented and not having the pressure of making sure my Spotify playlists cater to everyone else is great too!

Check out some articles on making sure your WFH space is set up safely to make your days as comfortable as possible. It’s also easy to get caught up in projects and work well past your usual clock off time, so prioritise a healthy work/life balance.

Elise Moana – Quality Assurance Manager


“I have also been combining working from home with my kid’s home schooling which has not been without its own challenges. Sometimes they forget that you are working so it’s important to try and limit interruptions and distractions where possible. I was really surprised at how easy the set up was – it’s just like being in the office – and has made the transition so much smoother! Being able to keep in touch with the team as often as before and saving time not being stuck in traffic has been great.

Though your physical location has changed, try to mimic your usual day to day pattern with break times and start/finish times. It’s easy to lose track of time and forget you need to clock off for the day! Also make sure you are getting up and stretching/moving around so you’re not stiff and sore by the time you’ve finished.

Yogi Suntovski – Account Manager