Case Studies

Over the 18+ years of working with our customers we have built solid working relationships with them. Below are a sample of case studies detailing how we worked with them to achieve their desired outcomes.


Fuji Xerox

As Australia’s leading multi-channel communications provider, Salmat offer services which help companies big and small deliver their message...



ABNote, now ABCorp positions itself as a “total solutions supplier” allowing them to fully integrate many steps in the supply... read more


IVE Group

IVE Group’s – Data Driven Communications Division drives customer data to provide deep customer insights and expert technology services. We... read more


N.A.W Controls Pty Ltd

N.A.W Controls Pty Ltd have been associated with ASA for approximately 5 years. We had never used casual Staff in... read more



Placard has being using ASA Staffing since 2006 and we have found that by utilising the availability of their staff,... read more