Important - Must Read - Privacy Policy

Important – Must Read – Privacy Policy

As notified and agreed to during your induction process with Australian Staffing Agency, you are at NO time to access any information without the express permission or direction of your team leader/senior operator. This includes using databases or documents you have been given access to in order to perform your
duties; to search for information relating to yourself, your family members or friends/co-workers etc. Sharing Information you have been given or witnessed whilst performing your duties with any unauthorised persons, whether verbally or electronically (social media posts, emails, screenshots, photos, SMS etc) is a serious breach of privacy and confidentiality. If at anytime you feel that a task given to you could result in a breach of this policy you are to immediately notify your supervisor/team leader or senior operator.Breach of the privacy policy could result in your instant dismissal and further legal action taken by the client/Australian Staffing Agency. If you have any questions relating to this please contact ASA on 9313 7400 between 7am and 5pm
Monday to Friday or contact the after hours on 0400 057 313
Elise Moana
Contact # 03 9313 7400

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