Job Ad Jargon

Job Ad Jargon


Chances are, if you are re-entering the job market after lengthy employment, you may find yourself reading some job adverts and scratching your head.

Unless you work in HR/Recruitment or Management sometimes the jargon can be a little confusing. It can almost become a whole other task trying to decipher some job adverts so we have done the work for you!

Below we cover some of the most common abbreviations, terms and acronyms and their meanings so you can focus your time on finding your perfect role.

CV – Curriculum Vitae or simply put Resume (make sure yours is up to date!)

Cert – Certificate/Qualification. Proof of completed study that qualifies you for the role.

PD – Position Description – some companies may provide a link to a more detailed overview of what the role entails or requires.

Fixed Term (or FTC/Fixed Term Contract) – The role has an expiry date, i.e it is contracted for a specific length of time. As it’s still contracted leave entitlements still apply.

Casual – Not a permanent/contracted role. Unless stated otherwise in the ad it also means the hours of work may vary. This may include start/finish times, days and total of hours worked. Casual entitlements apply.

Temp – Temporary role. Usually to cover leave or a peak period within a business.

Part-time – a Contracted role with less hours or days than a full-time role.

Pro-rata – “in proportion” refers to part-time positions. The full-time salary/benefits of a job will be adjusted to the part time hours/days you work.

OTE – On Target Earnings – common for sales roles. It means that you will receive a base salary which will be topped up with commission (once targets are reached)

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment can include: steel cap boots, Hi-Visibility Clothing, Masks, Gloves, Goggles, Ear Plugs, Hard Hats etc.

NPC – National Police Check (or clearance) A criminal background check that some employers may require to meet their company security protocols.

WWC – Working with Children Check – Similar to an NPC and may be required by an Employer.

Background Check – Common checks in Australia include: Criminal Background Check, Identity Verification Check, academic reference check; employment history check and driving history check.

Selection Criteria – Where an applicant needs to address key selection criteria in support of their application with a written response (mostly common in the public sector)

Public Sector – A role within an organisation that is publicly funded (government agencies, charities or NFP)

NFP – Not for profit. Generally, an organization that does not operate for profit, with all money earned or donated being used to keep the company running and meet the organizations objectives.


If you have come across any other’s you’re not sure of get in touch and let us know!

Next time – we will be diving into what those phrases on job ads really mean – and how they may apply to you (even if you don’t think they do)