Seeking Mail Distribution Employment in Melbourne?

Even though the internet has drastically changed the way humans interact with one another, mail distribution still plays a crucial role to the organisational structure of society. Whether delivering direct marketing materials and promotional pamphlets across town or acting as a courier for fragile or sensitive materials, mail distribution connects the world more than ever today.

Whether you’re seeking a temporary position in the mail distribution industry or wish to make a long term career operating out of a mail house in Melbourne, Australian Staffing Agency can assist you with finding work in any industry you desire. We’ve helped hundreds of like-minded individuals find careers in all kinds of fields in Melbourne and beyond – contact us today to see how we can help you find your dream job too.

Find Work in Mail Houses Across Melbourne

For years, Australian Staffing Agency have been the authorities in matching employees with suitable mail houses and distribution centres across Melbourne. With a broad range of tasks and services involved in the mail distribution industry, we’re confident that we can find an enjoyable and rewarding role in the mail distribution industry for all potential applicants.

We also specialise in finding work for skilled workers seeking employment in practical industries involving manual labour. Whether you’re seeking a contracted position with a world-renowned construction company or a casual maintenance role, our skilled labour hire specialists can find a suitable position for you today.

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If you’re interested in acquiring work in the mail distribution industry, be it casual, part time or full time, our Melbourne specialists can help you find a suitable position for you. Get in touch with Australian Staffing Agency today on 9313 7400, or send us a message via our online enquiry form to hear back from one of our friendly team members as soon as possible!