Looking for Commercial Labour Work in Melbourne?

Melbourne continues to expand, and skilled labourers are in high demand. Whether it’s a large scale high-rise development in the heart of the CBD, or an excavation job on a primary school out in the Western suburbs, there is an abundance of commercial labour opportunities waiting. If you’re looking for labour work in Melbourne, make sure you pick Melbourne’s first choice, Australian Staffing Agency, to help you find your future career today.

Melbourne’s Labour Hire Experts

We realise that it’s often difficult for labourers to find suitable skilled work in cities like Melbourne. That’s why with Australian Staffing Agency, we make it our priority to help you stand out above the rest to find a position that both suits your skill set and personal interests. We’re dedicated to being one of the most trusted labour hire companies for the workers who need it the most – those who create change and instigate industrial development.

As well as helping hundreds of skilled labourers and labour companies find solutions each year, we also assist several other industries find suitable employees, such as warehouse distribution and blue collar work. Speak to our recruitment experts to find more about how we can assist you today.

Contact us for Commercial Labour Hire Assistance

Whether you’re a company looking to hire skilled labourers in Melbourne or you’re visiting on a visa and seeking part-time labour work, Australian Stagging Agency can find an employment solution. We’ve helped hundreds of workers find suitable skilled work – be it full time, casual or seasonal – in a range of fields all over the city, which is why we’re proud to be considered one of Melbourne’s leading skilled labour hire companies.

To discuss your employment needs or find a position suitable for your skill set and interests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – call 9313 7400 or use our online enquiry form to contact us today and take the next step to your new career.