Whether it’s a large or small warehouse, it is essential that the right people managing and overseeing operations to ensure the smooth running of a business. And the warehouse is a vital component of any business, as the place where goods are stored and the centre of distribution. Working in warehouse and distribution requires people who are responsible and efficient, and is a great place to build your career as it provides you with skills in managing stock and inventory. If you’re searching for employment in the warehouse and distribution industry, Australian Staffing Agency have many years of experiencing matching those looking for work with the perfect role for them. If this all sounds like you, get in touch today!

Working in warehouse and distribution requires the following attributes:

  • Forward thinking and initiative planning ahead
  • Confidence making quick and independent decisions
  • Strong communication skills liaising with others
  • Attention to detail

Employers are always looking for new talent to warehouses and distribution centres running smoothly, so don’t wait to apply!


Looking for staff for your warehouse? Look no more

Australian Staffing Agency has a track record of always finding the right employee for the job. We know that the recruitment process can be a nightmare when there’s a million other things to worry about while running your business, so we take the stress of you by handling hiring for your warehouse for you. Rest assured that we will find the right person for job every time when you choose Australian Staffing Agency.

Recruitment services for warehouses and more

Australian Staffing Agency are the leading providers of recruitment services in Melbourne, specialising in other industries as well such as mailing, manufacturing, call centres and more. To make an enquiry or to receive more information, simply get in touch by sending a message through our contact page or by giving us a call on 9313 7400. The friendly team at Australian Staffing Agency will have an answer to your questions in no time!